Top 3 jury selection apps on the market today?

Sept 21, 2020


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Jury Selection Apps

If you were to Google jury selection apps today, you would mostly get results on apps that no longer exist. There were close to a dozen apps that were released in the early 2010’s that just had no staying power. iJuror, JuryPad, Jury Duty, Jury Tracker, Jury Strike, Jury Star… all dead. And the list goes on. It’s a fascinating phenomenon!

After the initial craze of jury selection apps has settled, there are three apps that can now be found on the Apple App Store today. All have been built with a desire to end the frustration experienced by trial attorneys during jury selection. Some do a better job than others. Let’s compare the features of the three jury selection apps on the market today.


Jurybox took the most common process trial attorneys use for jury selection and digitized it. Think sticky notes in the Cloud, with real time collaboration. Having been designed by seasoned software designers and engineers, it is by far the cleanest user experience of the three. Despite how easy and flexible it is to use, Jurybox can still handle large jury pools, do juror scoring, and has dismissal tracking.

It’s important to note that Jurybox is not just an iPad app, it’s actually a software platform accessed from a browser on any device that also has a native iPad app. It's meant as a firm solution, allowing for collaboration on cases within a law firm. So, if you see the app on the App Store you can download it for free, but you’ll need to sign up online to access your account. At $33.25/mo per user (paid annually), it’s the priciest of the solutions, but we believe it’s head and shoulders above the competition. If you’re skeptical, take advantage of the free trial and see for yourself:

Empirical Jury Selection

Empirical Jury Selection is an iPad and Android Tablet mobile app created by Empirical Jury, a company that specializes in jury analysis through big data. The software allows for custom courtroom layouts and questions. It also has a sentiment scale and a points based scoring assigned to each juror. There is a collaborative feature that allows for general comments from collaborators, but does not appear to allow for real time edits of the jury by multiple editors.

Empirical Jury Selection can be purchased from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for $79.99. Like Jurybox, it is a more modern jury selection app. However, the app has a more cluttered user interface and does not allow attorneys to view comments for all jurors in the jury box, as you get with digital sticky notes. There is also not an easy way to track peremptory challenges during the trial. However, you do get custom questions and courtroom layout which is not available with Jurybox. There is no free trial available, so you won’t be able to try it before you buy it, but you can check out their videos on the website:

Jury in a Hurry

First released in 2014, Jury in a Hurry is the most established of the jury selection iPad apps on the market today. This app assigns a cute avatar of each juror in the jury box and courtroom gallery representing their demographics and quality of their responses during jury selection. It allows for custom questions with weights as well as a database of questions available for an additional fee. Juror notes can be typed or dictated as well. Juror info can be searched online without leaving the app.

For only $49.99, it is the cheapest of the apps available, but possibly for good reason. It has an average review of 2.3 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store. The user interface is cute but cluttered. It has a visual overview of all the jury info at a glance, but is a bit of a visual overload. It is the only app that has jury questions available for download, but charges an additional fee. Like Empirical Jury Selection, Jury in a Hurry does not offer a free software trial. You can however watch a video on their website to get a better feel of the product: